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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ERT001: What is the EduRoadTrip?

Prepare for a road trip with your Edu Road Trip friends. The purpose of our podcast is to highlight the great things happening in education around the country, and tie them in to famous landmarks and historical sites.  In this first episode, we prepared for the journey by introducing the passengers, and introducing the listeners to our featured segments: “Travel Agents” where we give shoutouts to those who have helped our journey, and “What’s In Our Suitcase” where we share a tip or trick to make your life easier.

Show Notes
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Main Segment

Greg Bagby

Mari Venturino

Justin Birckbichler

Travel Agents

  1. Chris Nesi, host of House of EdTech
    1. Twitter: @mrnesi
  2. Jeff Bradbury, host of many shows on
    1. Twitter: @teachercast
  3. John Mason, host of #BeardEDU
    1. Twitter: @jhnmason
  4. Sung Lee, Host of Inspiring Educators
    1. Twitter: @iesunglee
  5. Michael Tempesco, Graphic designer

What's in the Suitcase?

  1. @Point
    1. Chrome extension that allows you to annotate any website, similar to working in a Google Doc
    2. Use with students to collaborate on research
    3. Use with teachers to share important parts of webpages, have a virtual faculty meeting

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