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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ERT002: Niagara Falls and Inspiration

Join us for our Edu Road Trip stop at Niagara Falls, where we discuss our inspirations for starting teaching, what keeps us going on tough days, and how we stay refreshed. We also talk about how our PLN has influenced us through our teaching journey. Be sure to listen for our question we have for you as the listener! We feature Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1) as our Travel Agent, and we find Remind (@RemindHQ) in our suitcase.

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Greg Bagby: @gregbagby
Justin Birckbichler: @mr_b_teacher 
Mari Venturino: @msventurino

Main Segment

Listen carefully to our fun fact about Niagara Falls!
Why we got into education
Greg: Love of music, moved to leadership to be a positive impact on the school and community. 
Mari: Enjoyed working with kids and science, easily combined into teaching. 
Justin: Passionate about working with kids, pursued education at Shippensburg University because of lab school on campus. 
What keeps us going
Greg: Sees the power of education, and his kids are an inspiration. 
Mari: Seek out a great support system and mentors at school, always remember that students are still kids. 
Justin: Focuses on students and making a difference, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. 
How we get refreshed
Mari: Puppy named Ollie, Twitter chats, reading, cooking, baking, and running. 
Justin: Reading, cat named Conner, cooking, visiting historical sites
Greg: Twitter chats, being part of a PLN, chatting with his children

Travel Agent

Jerry Blumengarten
He’s currently cataloging education-related resources for parents, teachers, and students. His website features over 20k links.

What’s in our Suitcase?

Website/app to schedule and send reminders to individuals and groups. It’s safe and simple. Reminders come as app notifications, emails, and/or text messages based on the user’s preference. 
Connect:, @remindHQ

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