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Saturday, October 10, 2015

RS002: The Method to Our Madness (Rest Stop: How We Podcast)


Join us for our second Rest Stop of the EduRoadTrip as we hang out and chat about our podcasting process. Hear how we podcast with only our laptops, free software, and our iPhone headphones+microphones. These informal conversations are unedited and unscripted, and sure to make you laugh.

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Main Segment

In this episode of the EduRoadTrip, we discuss our podcasting process, starting from the initial planning process on Google Docs and Voxer, through our recording process on Google Hangouts on Air, and finally with our editing and uploading process via Blogger. We emphasize that this entire process is done with native equipment on our laptops, at no additional cost (aside from Justin’s editing software, which he purchased a few years ago), and is relatively easy for the moderately techy person to complete.

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