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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ERT011: Google HQ with Jerry Blumengarten - Curating a Cybrary

In this episode of the EduRoadTrip, we met up with Jerry Blumengarten at the Google Headquarters to discuss digital curation in education. He provided a wealth of knowledge, including resources for our classrooms, students, parents, and professional development. After we met with Jerry, we featured Todd Whitaker as our travel agent, and pulled Explain Everything out of our suitcase.

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Main Segment
We met with Jerry Blumengarten at the Google Headquarters, and discussed curating resources for our classrooms, students, parents, and our own professional development. Jerry provided great information about allowing students find answers for themselves, and evaluating websites for reliability. He reminds us not to be afraid to use books, and to allow our librarians to become “techbrarians” in their “libratory” and to use this expertise to our advantage. At the end, Jerry reminds us to use our students and their “textpertise” to work together to uncover new learning.
Twitter: @cybraryman1

Travel Agent
Our travel agent this week is Todd Whitaker. He is a talented leader and author whose primary focus is leadership, teaching, and motivation within education. Whitaker is the author of What Great Teachers do Differently.
Twitter: @ToddWhitaker

What’s in Our Suitcase?
In our suitcase this week is Explain Everything, a video production tool. It is simple for students to create engaging and interactive slides, then record a voiceover of them explaining their work. Explain Everything is an excellent formative and summative assessment tool.

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