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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ERT013: Thomas Edison Center with Jena Ball and Marty Kelz - Not Being Perfect

Here at Thomas Edison Center, we met with Jena Ball and Marty Keltz to hear about their work with the Not Perfect Hat Club. This is an incredible book and wonderful message that we can share with our students about not being perfect. We feature Rosy Burke as our travel agent, and feature Draftback in our suitcase.

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Main Segment
We met with Jena Ball and Marty Keltz to chat about the Not Perfect Hat Club, which started to combat the “I can’t do that” in the classroom. We talked about how students pressure themselves to be perfect, and are scared to take risks.  
Connect with Jena: @JenaiaMorane
Connect with Marty: @martysnowpaw

Not Perfect Hat Club on Amazon or Lulu

Travel Agent
Rosy Burke is a 5th grade teacher in Delaware who is dedicated to her students, both in and out of the classroom. She is constantly planning engaging lessons to hook students in learning, and coaches Girls on the Run after school. She is passionate about her students, which is obvious by her willingness to share and collaborate with teachers all over the world.  
Twitter: @rosy_burke
Rosy’s 5th grade class: @daring_dolphins

What’s in Our Suitcase?
This week, we featured Draftback in our suitcase. Draftback is Chrome extension that takes a Google Doc revision history and turns it into a movie. This is helpful for classroom use as it holds students accountable for revisions and productivity.
Find Draftback on the web or on the Chrome store.

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