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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ERT016: House of Burgesses with Dave (@burgessdave) and Shelley (@burgess_shelley) Burgess - PIRATE Beliefs

On this episode of the EduRoadTrip, we met with Dave and Shelley Burgess at the House of Burgesses to talk about teaching like a PIRATE. We explore the concept of what a PIRATE means, and how we can use these ideas to engage students in our classroom. After the interview, we feature our Travel Agent and pull out another tool in What’s In Our Suitcase.

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Main Segment
On this episode of the EduRoadTrip, we met with Dave and Shelley Burgess to talk about PIRATES in education. During our interview, we explore the concept and wisdom behind “Teach Like a Pirate” and how we can create engaging lessons in our classrooms.
10 Books in 8 minutes:
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Travel Agent
This week we feature Jo-Ann Fox, a San Diego County Teacher of Year, inspiring educator, co-founder of#CAedchat and #EdCampSD, and Google Certified Innovator. She created YourEdustory, weekly blogging prompts collaboratively created by anyone interested. If you are hesitant about blogging, this is a great way to get started.
Twitter: @AppEducationFox
Jo-Ann’s website:

What’s in Our Suitcase?
This week, we feature #teach20s, a new slowchat on Twitter started by Justin and Mari. The focus is on the struggles of being a teacher in the twentysomething years, simultaneously learning how to be an adult while learning to be a teacher. Questions are posted on Sunday afternoons and run through the following Saturday.
Find #Teach20s on Twitter: #Teach20s

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