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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ERT018: Walt Disney World with Shauna Pollock (@misspollock) - Creating Class Magic

This episode of the EduRoadTrip connected us with Shauna Pollock at Walt Disney World to discuss class magic and how to engage students in “blue sky” thinking. Shauna is the author of Creating Class Magic. After our interview, you’ll be connected with our Travel Agent and find out “what’s in our suitcase” this week.

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Main Segment
We interviewed Shauna Pollock at Walt Disney World and found out all about class magic. She shared with us how to create an inviting classroom culture that engages all students. Shauna emphasizes building relationships with each and every student. We also learned many fun facts about Walt Disney’s life!
Connect with Shauna:
Twitter: @misspollock
Creating Class Magic on Amazon

Travel Agent
We featured Diane Main, the Director of Learning Innovation and Design at the Harker School in San Jose, CA. She is very involved with CUE and CUE Rockstar, and an all-around amazing person! You can find her on Twitter at @dowbiggin.

What’s in Our Suitcase?

Self-correcting/Impossible to Fail Google Form - Using “Go to Page Based On Response,” you can create a powerful teaching and assessment tool.

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